Complete Facebook Mastery in 90 Days


The next round of the program begins on September 18th, so register as soon as possible.

Imagine if this time next year.

  • You were connected to a network of up to 5000 people.
  • You had a 100 plus absolutely raving lifetime fans who would refer you to anyone and who will share all your content on social media.
  • Had a proven method of attracting new people to your brand whenever you wanted.

All this is possible for a one off investment of only $397.

Complete Facebook Mastery in 90 Days

Join renowned digital strategist and real estate coach Geoff Talbot in an inspiring 90 day journey, and transform your entire Facebook presence. As part of this exclusive program you will get:

  • Weekly online traning seminars with deep training on all aspects of using Facebook including Community pages and running ads.
  • 15-minute daily exercises to practice, sharpen and shapen and master every aspect of your Facebook presence
  • Membership into a private group for support, idea sharing and accountability.
  • Unlimited chat support with Geoff to help you in every aspect of Facebook.
  • Regular training videos.

Some Reviews

"The 90 Day Facebook Mastery course has not only evolved the way I view social media but it has evolved my approach to people in general. Further, I never felt like I lacked information, resources or connectivity. The process was easy to understand and Geoff made himself available for inquiries outside of the webinar. Would definitely recommend over and over!"Morgan Caldwell-Spencer

"I took a webinar on connecting with folks offline as part of The 90 day Facebook Mastery course. it had so many great tips and really had me thinking about Facebook in a new way. I really liked the actual application and real life examples that Geoff did! " Holly Servies Fogel

"Within 3 days of implementing some of the changes recommended I have seen my targeted neighborhood group increase membership three fold with a 300% increase in participation from members.” Nicole Gagnon-Bafaro.

Areas of Focus

  • Identifying and establishing your brand
  • Creating compelling content
  • Utilizing Facebook's powerful CRM (through lists etc)
  • Creating community pages and groups
  • Techniques to identify raving fans and how to get more of them
  • Social selling secrets - Get the relationships offline
  • Running Facebook Ads to grow your sphere and generate business

How Do I Sign Up?

Just click on the Buy Now button to the left and make your Investment. You'll receive your enrollment instructions from us and the program proper will begin on September 18th, 2018.

More Reviews

"Geoff’s transparency about rapport and building relationships offline exceeded my expectations. Not only did he provide solid instruction, he showed proof that it can be done. This is no ordinary course!" Nakeia Mack

" Geoff is a gifted business strategist advising in practical use through Social Media. I believe this is the best business purchase I have made to date. Thank you, Geoff." Scott Pearson

"In real estate, some trainers and coaches would say contact your SOI or Sphere of Influence, but didn't teach us how to develop those relationship. Geoff has taught us step by step how to take those online relationships to offline. Teach a woman or a man to fish and they will eat for a lifetime." Wayne Miller

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